Your Repairs Service

Your Repairs Service

The Association aims to provide a high quality, local repairs service. We work alongside our contractors to ensure safe working practices
Please see our 'Request a Repair' section for more information about how to request a repair.

Right to Repair

Certain repairs that you report to the Association may be ‘qualifying repairs’ that fall under the Right to Repair Scheme.  

For certain types of repair, up to the value of £350, you have the right to have the work complete within a given timescale.  

If you report a qualifying repair, we will tell you the time allowed, explain your rights, give you details of an alternative contractor and make arrangements for access to your home.

If the work is not done on time, you can instruct another contractor and claim £15 compensation plus £3 for every extra day not complete. If you have failed to give access you are not entitled to compensation.

Our Contractors

Please click HERE for the link to our Procurement Policy for details of how we procure our contracts. For reactive maintenance, we operate a Framework of Contractors which is advertised through Public Contracts Scotland every four years.

Tenant Participation

When you request a repair by the Association, we send you a questionnaire that asks about the quality and standard of our repairs service. It also informs you of when your repair should be completed by. Please let us know if your repair has not been completed on time and our staff will pursue the contractor on your behalf. 

Please return the tenants’ satisfaction questionnaire after your repair has been carried out. This will allow us to monitor our contractors and improve their performance if necessary.

Each returned questionnaire is entered into our free monthly prize draw to win £10.00.

When Are Tenants Charged For Repairs?

The Association implements a policy on Rechargeable Repairs. This policy was deemed necessary in order to recover money owed to the Association by tenants who damage Association property and who are liable for the cost of the damage. Tenants who refuse to pay for the damage may have a Court action raised against them in an attempt to recover the money owed.

Tenants or those they are responsible for (including visitors), who cause damage to our properties must be seen to be held responsible for their actions and not be a drain on the Association’s resources. The Association operates a strict maintenance budget and the cost of wilful damage must be recovered, otherwise it may affect the Association’s ability to carry out normal repair work.

Are You Thinking About Doing Your Own Home Improvements?

Tenants wishing to change, alter, remove or renew any element within the Association’s property must request permission from the Association in writing. Some examples of where tenants require the Association’s written permission are:

•Renewing kitchens •Renewing bathrooms •Fitting showers •Ceramic tiling to walls and floors •Renewing doors •Carrying out electrical work of any nature •Building garden sheds •Decking •Slabbing •Driveways •Fitting laminated or solid wood flooring •

Permission will not be unreasonably withheld, but the Association may require to inspect before any request is granted. The Association reserves the right to instruct tenants to remove any alterations that the tenant does not have permission for.

If you would like to carry out any alterations, please contact our offices to discuss before you start any work.

Empty Houses (Voids)

When tenants vacate one of our properties for whatever reason, the Association carries out repairs and cleaning to the empty property to ensure the property meets our lettable standard before re-letting it to another tenant.

It is the tenant’s responsibility to ensure that the property is left in a satisfactory condition before leaving. The property must be left in a clean, habitable condition. This includes cleaning down of floors, walls, sanitary ware and kitchen units and worktops. It also entails emptying the entire property (including loft). The cost of removing articles left in properties or dumped in gardens, back courts and lofts etc will be recharged to the tenant leaving the property and may affect any potential transfer to another Association property.

The same tenant’s responsibility will apply to repairs required to the void property to bring it up to a lettable standard. Any repairs required that are deemed to be the responsibility of the vacating tenant, will be recharged to that tenant. Any decisions made will take into account fair wear and tear. Damaged properties will be inspected and the Association’s rules regarding rechargeable repairs will be implemented which are outlined in the Association's Rechargeable Repairs Policy.