Executive Summary

Gardeen Housing Association faces a challenging time during 2021-2024 due to the changes that arise from ongoing welfare reform, reductions in income, increases in expenditure including pensions and continued focus on meeting the demands of the Charter and the Scottish Housing Regulator.  This could result in increases in inflation and interest rates.  However, the Association is equipped to deal with these changes as it has well-informed and trained staff and committee and takes advice and support from external organisations and partners.  The Association has maintained a low level of arrears and continues to perform well in relation to rent arrears and voids.  The Association has a low level of debt and manages its financial affairs closely.  There is a clear programme of internal audit and the risk register is reviewed on an annual basis.  Gardeen has a low regulation with the Scottish Housing Regulator.

The main aim of the Association is to maintain an independent, quality local service to tenants, applicants and owners of Gardeen Housing Association.

The Management Committee analyses the risks on a quarterly basis.