Vision and Strategic Objectives

Gardeen Housing Association aims to provide good quality homes that are well managed and maintained.  This is to contribute to the regeneration of Barlanark in the Greater Easterhouse area.

Gardeen Housing Association intends to remain a high performing independent organisation that is locally controlled and provides a direct service to the community it serves.  A tailored individual service is provided to the residents of Gardeen Housing Association and the Management Committee are committed to the concept of community control and that this model provides the best service to tenants and the wider community.

The Management Committee have agreed that risk management would prove to be critical in the forthcoming years as a result of welfare reform, increased costs, lower income and the ongoing economic challenges.  As a result, risk awareness, risk management and financial awareness will continue to be key priorities for the Association in 2021-2024.

The strategic objectives of the Association were discussed by the Management Committee and can be summarised as Gardeen Housing Association:-

  • to remain an independent organisation
  • to remain a high performing organisation
  • to be controlled and managed by local people
  • to maintain high standards of governance
  • to prioritise risk management and risk awareness
  • to maintain high standards of financial control
  • to deliver an excellent service to tenants
  • to plan and prepare for changes ahead
  • to deliver positive charter outcomes to tenants
  • to build on positive customer feedback
  • to be accountable to the tenants and residents of the Gardeen community
  • to maintain pride in the Gardeen area and to encourage local people to take pride in the area