Request a Repair

To request a non-emergency repair, please click on report a repair online.  Alternatively, please call or text us on 0141 771 9590 during office hours to report the repair, use the Gardeen App or email the Association using

Please do not report EMERGENCY REPAIRS using the online system as it may not be responded to in time.  Please telephone 0141 771 9590 to report an emergency repair during normal office hours.

For OUT OF HOURS EMERGENCY REPAIRS please telephone the office number on 0141 771 9590 and select the service you require from the automated list (numbers 1-5 will transfer you to the contractor required):

Press 1: If you have an emergency gas heating repair

Press 2: If you have an emergency plumbing repair

Press 3: If you have a suspected gas leak

Press 4: If you have an emergency electrical repair

Press 5: If you have an emergency joinery or roofing repair

Press 6: If you would like to leave a message

Note: Information on how we handle and use your personal information that you provide to us is included within our privacy policy.